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About Forms Interactive

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Forms Interactive is a service provided by Web Services.


At Web Services, we believe that the way forward is to provide paperless opportunities for businesses, clubs, organisations etc... We like to think we are saving the environment, one piece of paper at a time!


We also provide competitive prices, because we like to help out your pocket too!


Therefore, we have created this brand new service called...Forms Interactive!


Forms Interactive allows both current and potential customers to gather information and/or payments from their employees, members or customers for a wide range of events, whether your holding an Company Awards Night, Training Course or Sports Tournament... we can create a form to meet your needs!


We pride ourselves on quick turnaround, so when you contact us about a form, like magic, we can get the form done within that working day. If not, its usually within 24 hours!!




24 Hour Turnaround Like Magic!


Working at Competitive Prices!

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