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How Does it Work?

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Its Simple... you let us know what you want the form to do, and we create it! We will ask questions to make sure the forms meets your needs and the needs of your customers!

These rules allows you to create dynamic forms that will follow logic that you’ve specified to perform certain actions like showing and hiding fields, skipping certain pages or emailing specific individuals based on the selections the user makes while filling out your Wufoo forms.


By teaming up with PayPal, these forms allow you to collect payments from your customers! So if you want to sell tickets to your Companies Awards Night, or book a place at a sporting event, they can pay before the event has even opened its doors! PayPal takes a small fee from your payment, so make sure you consider these in your pricings! We can even integrate discount coupon codes.. your welcome!

PayPal Integration

All form entries can be sent to your personal email address, but if you want them to appear on a spreadsheet, we can do that too! They automatically update the online report that you can access via a URL link. Once entry to your form is closed, you can download it to your computer, print it off and use it as you will!


Last but not least - you can customise the look of the form with your logo and colours. You can also change the confirmation email your customer will recieve! Not only that, but you can schedule when your form will turn on, turn off and how many people can submit their information into the form, and if only one entry is allowed per IP.

Your brand will appear on the form and their emails - only a small line of text describing that we made the form will appear - but don't fret, its hardly noticeable!

Customise It!

You can also include CAPTCHA security features to filter out that yucky spam!


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